Ace Imagery
LP on milky clear vinyl
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Arkomo is Seattle-based musician Sam Anderson, whose devotion to the exploration of sound has propelled the release of his debut album, Ace Imagery.It is simultaneously original and palpable; with each part equally hypnotic, Anderson showcases a penchant for musical inventiveness. Through extensive tours with groups such as Kay Kay And His Weathered Underground, Bryan John Appleby, Damien Jurado, and as the cellist for Hey Marseilles , Anderson discovered a passion for producing his own work, and constructing music that builds upon his own artistic self-portrait. This nine-track collection reflects an incisive and experienced ear, and wastes little energy on words and harmonies that fail to exact an emotional expression. Through the complexities of dubbed layers and multi-instrumental synthesis, Anderson melds textural dimensions to create a sweeping and visceral reaction.With this debut, Anderson proves himself to belong to a particular class of musicians; though classically trained, he wasn’t fated for a life tied to professional recitation, but rather a life scribed by the intimate and earnest development of his own compositions.

We Are Bloods
7″ on translucent blood-red vinyl
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Bloods is MC, Dirk and Sweetie, three friends who grew up across the beaches and suburbs of sunny Sydney. After entering a blood pact that locked them into eternal friendship, MC convinced Dirk and Sweetie that it would be a good idea to start a punk band. In 2011, the three got together over home-made cornbread and beer and started working on their first batch of songs. Within a month they had booked their first show and recorded a handful of demos. Since, they’ve been playing shows non-stop, sharing the stage with the likes of Dum Dum Girls, Redd Kross, DZ Deathrays & more.A band that does garage rock with a riot grrrl sensibility and girl group harmonies, it’s no wonder Bloods is striking a chord with lovers of hyperactive, bratty music around the world.“Raucous, gritty and energetic. Sort of like a 60s surf pop record that someone threw up on, put through a blender, melted back together again and then sprinkled some glitter over. Nice.” – Indie Shuffle
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The Lake
7″ on translucent lake-blue vinyl
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Dude York
Walla Walla, Washington is known for a small handful of things. It’s home to Washington State Penitentiary, expensive wine, sweet onions, long hot summers, slow, cold winters, and approximately one taqueria per every 2500 residents. At five hours away from anything resembling a major city, it’s astoundingly isolated. And it was in this seclusion that pop enthusiasts Peter Richards and Andrew Hall started a thing called Dude York while everyone they knew was out of town. Peter sang the songs and made as much noise as possible with an always overdriven guitar while Andrew, who had had never played drums before, hit every piece of their neighbor’s drum kit, reduced to pieces by theft and its owners unrelenting practice of the “Smells Like Teen Spirit” beat, in an attempt to keep up. The tools were wrong, but the elements were there; this was pop music at maximum volume, indebted less to the garage rock phenomenon exploding on the West Coast than it was to Jonathan Richman, Swedish pop, and the ideal of contemporary timelinessness.
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Vacant & Impatient
7″ on mint green vinyl
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Prism Tats
Making and performing music since birth, South African singer/songwriter g vandercrimp has arrived as Prism Tats. Since the dissolution of Koko and the Sweetmeats (Seattle Weekly’s Best Garage Band 2011) in early 2012, Prism Tats has quickly come to fruition yielding an album’s worth of material. Using guitars, vocals and sparse electronic elements, Prism Tats pulls from various visual and musical inspirations to create the new sound described as “future trash pop”, mastering the art of minimalism for MAXIMUM IMPACT. Prism Tats creates waking dream sub-realities that devastate and elate. Get ready to be transported to an alternate dimension.
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